The Process

This is the best bit!

Once you've been in contact, I'll be in touch to discuss when we can meet to chat about your plans and thoughts for your ceremony. Meeting in person or via Skype is important so that we're able to get to know each other. This is a no-obligation meeting.  It's very important that you feel that I'm the perfect fit for your ceremony.

I'll ask you questions about your ideas and what kind of experience you would like from the day. Are there any family, spiritual or cultural rituals that you would like to include?  Are there aspects of other ceremonies that you've enjoyed?  Are there some flourishes that are uniquely you?  We'll chat about your meeting story and what you hope for your commitment in the years to come. All of these details help me weave the narrative of your ceremony.

We'll also talk about vows and whether you would like help wording these. The goal is for you to feel like the ceremony completely captures you both as a couple.

During our discussions I'll help you with some tips and tricks to make the day run smoothly and to make sure you're completely at ease. There are many logistical things to think about. It's not every day that we plan our own weddings!

After this first meeting, you can take some time to decide if I'm the right celebrant for you.  Once we've confirmed your date and time, I'll ask for a $100 deposit to secure your booking.  I'll also be in touch with some resource materials to help you apply for for your marriage/ civil union license and some more helpful documents.

I'll send you a first draft of the ceremony.  From here, we will work together to make sure that the words are just right. 

I strongly recommend a rehearsal before the big day. It will help settle your nerves and experience the first wave of emotion without an audience. We'll discuss the logistics of where everyone stands and when people do what. It's best if the entire wedding party can be there, including anyone doing any special readings.

On the day, I will facilitate the ceremony and make sure everything runs with ease. I will arrive before your guests to discuss any last minute details and gather together everything that we need. In particular, I will need your Marriage/ Civil Union Licence and Copy of Particulars that you will have gotten from the Registrar. I'll create your sacred space and when the time comes, I'll  welcome you and your guests with a smile.