Apply for a marriage or civil union licence

To get a licence you will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage application form. If either of you have been married or in a civil union before, and the marriage or civil union has been dissolved, you may be asked to produce evidence of the dissolution (e.g. Divorce/Dissolution Order) when you give notice to the Registrar. If your previous spouse or partner has died you do not have to produce evidence of their death, but you will have to give the date of death on the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Make a Statutory Declaration

As part of completing the application form for a marriage licence, you need to make a statutory declaration. Either you or your partner will need to make a formal statutory declaration that there is no lawful impediment to the marriage (i.e. no legal reason that you both cannot be married), that the details given are true, that both parties are not within the "prohibited degrees of relationship" and that consent has been given (where relevant).

If you live in New Zealand one of you must make this declaration in the presence of a Registrar of Marriages.  

The central Auckland Registry office is at Level 6, AA Building - 99 Albert Street - Auckland

If both of you normally live outside of New Zealand:

  • You can send the form to the New Zealand Registrar of Marriages closest to where you intend to marry once you have completed the form, signed the statutory declaration and had it witnessed by a Commonwealth Representative. If it is convenient, you can have the declaration witnessed by a Commonwealth Representative, at the NZ Department of Internal Affairs London or Sydney office. Note: only the Notice of Intended Marriage where both parties ordinarily resident outside New Zealand can be signed by a Commonwealth representative.
  • Alternately, if you will be in New Zealand at least three working days before the ceremony (either the bride or groom, or both) you can sign the statutory declaration and have it witnessed by a Registrar of Marriages in New Zealand.
  • The central Auckland Registry office is at Level 6, AA Building - 99 Albert Street - Auckland
  • You should advise the Registrar of the date that you intend to collect the marriage licence (this must be at least three days after your completed form reaches the Registrar).
  • For more details about applying from overseas, see 'When and How to Apply for a Marriage Licence; If you both live outside New Zealand'.