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I may look like a bundle of youth but I'm older than you think. I'm an established film and television editor and have loved my profession for over a decade.  I truly believe that my experience in storytelling makes me very well suited as a celebrant.

Many have approached me to lead their ceremonies over the years, long before I was an official celebrant. They believe that there is no one who can express their day with the unique sensitivity and joy better than I can. They want to brainstorm alternative rituals that represent their values, identities and beliefs. They want something unique that accurately represents their relationship. 

I find that writing ceremonies is a particularly rewarding process. After discussing the sentiment the couple would like to convey, I have gone away and found a way to weave their personal narrative together with the values of their commitment. It has been an honour to find these words and collaborate with the couples until the nuances are just right.

Once the day arrives, I help to create a sacred space. With warmth and love, I set the tone. I help to settle nerves and gather the collective energy of the guests. My personal highlights have included telling stories of how the couples met and fell in love. It's a joy to watch the guests connect with the couple in a new way. It's so special to offer more detail to the romance than the guests thought they knew. It's also a great joy to support the couple in committing their vows in front of their family and friends. 

Celebrancy is a precious role. It's an honour for me to take on this role for the most treasured of days.